Original Wedding at the beach of Sainte Maxime

Original Wedding at the beach of Sainte Maxime

Manuel & Sarah – Sainte-Maxime

Sarah and Manuel live in Aix en Provence for many years. For their wedding, they chose a southern beach of France and Sarah’s childhood memories.

The planification : 12 months – 15 vendors

We imagined a metal laser-cut screen as a guest book, Valrhona’s chocolate cubes representing New York buildings in cake, hanging flowers all around… Our goal was to mix styles : Manuel loves corners, metal, cubism ; Sarah loves sweetness, curves and heat. I spent weeks searching how to mix these two styles totally opposed and finally it was a nice challenge !

The wedding : July 2013

After one year alongside Manuel and Sarah to learn who they really were, what they liked and what was important to each of them on their wedding day, we are finally there. We are Saturday, July 6, in the morning and our bride arrives at Sainte-Maxime to begin its preparations for the religious ceremony, while Mister prepares in Aix-en-Provence.

Manuel wrote a song he wants to offer as a wedding gift to Sarah the night of their wedding. Manuel has repeated for a long time to be ready and our team has delivered a white piano on the beach…

After a religious ceremony at the church of La Nartelle, the married have invited their guests to a private party on one of the most beautiful beach in the French Riviera. There, it is an absolutely great atmosphere that awaits them.

The party in full swing, the cocktail took place on the waterfront, and at that time I asked Sarah to follow me to the piano. She thought the jazz band had brought this piano to play during the evening… Her husband is waiting behind the piano, a rose between his teeth. Now I leave you to discover the wedding teaser and see the rest of the story…


Photo credits : Photographe2Mariage
Video credits : REC Video Editing