A bohemian chic wedding at the Chateau Sainte Roseline

A bohemian chic wedding at the Chateau Sainte Roseline

Margaux & Jonathan – Les Arcs sur Argens

Our two parisians imagine a friendly and stylish wedding. When I meet them, Margaux has big sparkling eyes, Jonathan looks at her with love, smiling. A perfect mix for a successful marriage.

The wedding : August, 2015

The day is bright. The bride is preparing with her friends at the Logis du Guetteur, a hotel in a small Provencal town nearby; hairdresser and makeup artist are on site from early morning to take care of everything. Our team is working at the Chateau Sainte Roseline. We’ll soon have to make a decision with the head of the french venue and the catering team because the weather is not good and rain is forecast for the afternoon of the wedding.

We decide to keep the religious ceremony outside in the olive grove, the cocktail initially expected in the cloister will eventually be organized in a second reception room overlooking the terrace. For dinner it’s different, we are sure it will rain so we decided to install the reception in the Salle des Barriques while it was planned in the castle grounds. Everything was made to preserve the happyness of the bride on her arrival.

The group Shine composed of 10 artists put a crazy atmosphere until 5am.


Photo credits : Gaëtan Gaumy