Wedding planning

French wedding planning

Conseil organisation de mariage

The rough

Our planning services accompany couples through every stage of the wedding planning process : all the creative, organisational and logistical aspects of your wedding.

Conseils mariage Provence Côte d'Azur

The accompaniment

At first, we identify your wishes and list every step of the preparation, underline the major aspects in order to determine your needs and the atmosphere that you want for your wedding. Our team’s mission statement is to listen, figure out and analyze your wishes, but also to advise you in order to maximize your comfort and serve your needs. By taking care of the slightest details we assure you a totale serenity during the preparation and the big day.

Coordonination mariage Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

The big day

Remaining available throughout all the preparation, we work on the elaboration of a mission statement listing the vendors you have chosen from our address book. Based on the idea of your wedding and the guideline chosen, we put together a detailed planning of the big day and give you all the required tools to make it happen easily.

Création mariage Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

The tools at your disposal

We coordinate and manage all the vendors while putting together an estimated budget, a retro-planning and a “coordination file” for the big day. No decision will be made without your explicit agreement.

Ombelline helps you with :



  • at your service, dedicated to your project,
  • a personal analysis of your needs,
  • monitoring your budget,
  • venue find,
  • creating a moodboard,
  • vendor selection and management,
  • full pre-planning,
  • organising hair and make-up tests,
  • on-site coordination for event days,
  • pre-party and/or wedding brunch possible.