wedding planner french riviera

Create lasting memories of a magical and unique
celebration, A wedding where your personality
will be reflected in every aspect of the event,
Where conviviality meets intimacy and authenticity
meets symbolism, Simply the perfect day to start
the rest of your life together !

Wedding planner French Riviera

Ombelline, Express your Wishes !

Wedding planner in Provence and on the French Riviera since 2007.

As a wedding planner and an event designer in Provence and all around the French Riviera since 2007, we are specialized in the conception, realization and management of luxury weddings and secular ceremonies. Our team accompanies couples all the way through the planning of their celebration.

Behind Ombelline ?

OMBELLINE (latin umbrella, parasol) : n.f. The inflorescence in which our numerous and precious skills will be all yours to follow your imagination and face the craziest challenges on your Big Day.

Ombelline’s little extra ?

We are one in a few agencies in the South of France to conceive AND realize internally your entire project. This was, we offer unique creations that are also coherent, from the invitation to the staging of the venue, the flowers and the wedding favors. Everything will be in harmony with what you first imagine for your big day.

“Avec les années j’ai appris que ce qui est important dans la robe est la femme qui la porte.”

Yves Saint Laurent